So... What exactly is My Holibob Bear?

An exciting way for your children to learn what they’re doing today!

Holibob Bear is a cheeky little bear…and pretty cute we think, who loves adventures and play. You can use our activity cards to highlight what type of activity you have planned for your little one(s) and let Holibob reveal it from the suitcase!

Once you’ve completed the day’s activities you can document the fun with stickers in your child’s Holibob Bear Pawsport!

What you do is still down to you, this is simply a fun way to reveal even the most normal everyday activities and give your children someone to share the fun with.

One final thing… if you like Holibob Bear can be used to help reward your child/children. If you think they’ve earned a treat after a good day during the holidays then a Golden Ticket or Choice card will give them a real boost…and create some wonderful times for you all to share.

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