What is Holibob Bear?

Holibob Bear is cheeky little Bear, with a great sense of fun and adventure. Holibob loves the holidays and can’t wait to share in your family fun! Made from all new and very soft cuddly polyester, so your little ones can enjoy a good squeeze!

If Holibob Bear gets carried away and needs a bath, wash on a delicate or hand wash cycle at 30°, just not too often to avoid getting dizzy.

What age group is Holibob Bear is suitable for?

We think all young children would enjoy Holibob Bear, but those between 3-8 years will enjoy it the most.

Is Holibob Bear Safe for my children?

Some very clever people in white coats (at least that’s how we like to imagine them) made Holibob Bear take some tests known as EN71 parts 1, 2 and 3.

Holibob now has a CE mark to show off and confirm that they’re safe for children over 3 years and allowed to travel in Europe!

How does he get here?

Holibob Bear will arrive in an unbranded box, so you can choose when it’s time to open, not little people! Feel free to tell your children that Holibob has been on a long boat ride around the world!

I have more than one child, do I need more than one Holibob Bear?

Honestly this is totally down to you. From an activity perspective you don’t need to, ultimately it will probably come down to your children’s ability to share the cuddles!

If you do decide to buy multiple Holibob Bears, we have two colours available that can help differentiate and prevent arguments over who’s who!

What happens after the holidays?

That’s completely up to you, your child may have fallen in love with Holibob Bear and never want the cuddles to end (we hope so!), or you may choose to pack him away and send him on his travels (into your wardrobe) until next holiday season!

If Holibob Bear does go travelling during term time then we have a postcard which you can download to print (free of charge) and post to your child (either you can post this when they’re not looking or pop a stamp on and watch the postie pop it through) much to the delight of your child!

If you want to use Holibob bear throughout the year then more postcards will be available for purchase (coming soon) for you post each term time to let your family know where Holibob Bear is and what fun Holibob is having!

I’ve got a problem

Oh no, we’re sorry to hear that! Please contact us using the form and let us know how we can help. We’ll get straight on it for you.

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