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As a Mum of three children, I know that school holidays can be a challenging time for parents. I myself get the classic “What are we doing today? Before I’ve even had chance to open my eyes in the morning! I get that every morning, from all three of them at different intervals before we’ve even had chance to get downstairs for breakfast!

This inspired me to create Holibob Bear. A fun way of letting the children know what they’re up to that day. Children love surprises, they love excitement and I love watching their eyes light up. There’s nothing better than hearing them run downstairs to find this loveable bear waiting for them with an activity card hiding in the suitcase! OK…apart from rolling over and going back to sleep! Which I’d love to say happens but….

Holibob has helped me become more organised with my own diary, now when I head off to bed I know I’ve sorted tomorrow’s activity and Holibob Bear is waiting to show what fun is in store. Far more entertaining and exciting than me at 6am!

It was always a fun distraction, taking Holibob Bear with us on outings and activities, documenting this with fun photos and collecting stickers for the pawsport to show our adventures!

We realised this was really helping us during the holidays and created Holibob Bear Ltd in 2016 so that others could join in and share their adventures with us too!

Time to make some memories, snap some magical moments and share it all with Holibob Bear!



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